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Gotham Nights - 18.08.2012

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Gotham Nights 18.08-2012 - Dark Side of the 80s


We kick off the autumn season with a night of the dark side of 80s music.

This time Gotham will be at Verkstedet, located next to Café Saram Hausmannsgate 29.


CC: 50 kroner

Venue: Vekstedet
Venue age restriction: 20



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Gotham Nights was established in 1995 and is Norway's oldest gothclub with regular clubnights on the last friday of every month.

In the start Gotham Nights was mainly meant to be a "disco" for goths, but it soon became apparent that there also was a need for live shows. Gotham Nights has therefore also become a stage for a number of bands, especially local up-and-coming alternative bands.

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