GN presents

Time: 31.05.2003
Venue: Fryd

Panzerveps (N)

C.C. 50 NOK + 10 NOK in members fee.
20 year age limit, doors open at 21:00.
Moderate dress code

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The fuzz about the gothic fashion seems to have blown over, but that has not affected Gotham Nights in any way. Saturday the 31st of May you can all look forward to another concert.

Panzerveps liveWe will this time be presenting the relatively new Oslo-based band Panzerveps, and the people who have seen them before(Oslo Synth Festival 2002 and Plan 9) reports that they are a catchy and beautifully sad band with references to greatness' such as Depeche Mode and Nick Cave.

Panzerveps' members have long time of service in the Norwegian synth/electro milieu, and is known from bands such as Astropine and Anstalt. In March this year they released their debut album "Bastardlove" on the small independent label Angel Productions.

In addition to the concert, Gotham Nights' regular DJ's will be playing old and new goth and synth music.

Gotham Nights is collaborating with Fryd on this event, a fairly new addition to the Oslo night life. They opened in August of 2002, and have since then offered good food, drinks and music centrally on Karl Johan. Fryd usually has a more jazz-like profile, but do invite goths and synths at any chance they get.

Due to the possibility of a very crowded venue, we will thistime try out a moderate dress code (i.e. if you come for the event, you will most likely come in), and recommend you all to show up early. And remember, bring you ID because the 20 years age limit will strictly enforced.

A small footnote: As our event in August '99, this event is landed very close to the solar eclipse on the morning of the same day. A coincidence....? :-)

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