Part XC

Time: 18.10.2003
Venue: Bislett Hyskolesenter,
Pilestredet 52, Oslo

Faith and the Muse (US)
+ Magicka (N)
DJs, Byebye BatKat!

C.C. 150 NOK (presale at Shadowland)
18 year age limit, doors open at 20:00.

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Faith and the Muse
The shadows are getting longer and there are definitely a rush of cold air, but that does not mean that there are any reason to wear out your sofa. On Saturday the 18th of October, Gotham Nights are very proud to present the best reason to get out and about: Two dark pearls, namely Faith and the Muse from the US and Magicka from Oslo!

This is truly a rare occasion. Last time Faith and the Muse visited Oslo was during their 'Vera Causa' tour in '97, and since then they have played numerous concerts both in Europe and the US. They have also released several great records, such as the one they are promoting on this tour: 'The Burning Season'.

Faith and the Muse
The core of Faith the Muse are the duo William Faith (formerly in Christian Death and Mephisto Waltz) and Monica Richards. They started in 1993 with the intension of bringing music to another level, something one safely can say that they have. Their music is therefore not easy to categorise, and they have a big and broad fan base. You will be able to fine elements from gothic, rock, folk,
ambient, industrial, and electronic in their sound.

Magicka from Oslo has since their last appearance both replaced band members and produced new and exciting material, still beeing dark, atmospheric and charismatic industrial rock/EBM. And, not to forget, they are a great live!

The concert will be held at the basement at Bislett Hyskolesenter,
and there will be DJs before, in between, and after the concerts. This will be the last appearance by our brilliant DJ throughout many years: BatKat. She leaves us, seeking the big happiness abroad. She will be sorely missed...

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