Time: 07.02.2004
Venue: Kraftverk

Celebrating 9th anniversary
in new venue

C.C. 50 NOK, 20 year age limit
Doors open at 21:00.

Arrow Flyer

The immortal club Gotham Nights is now moving into its ninth year, and will celebrate the birthday at the new club Kraftverk at Saturday the 7th of February. Kraftverk will be opening open at the end of January in Jazids old premises in Pilestredet 17 (map), and we will be throw the party at their second floor fittingly named Loftet. Gotham Nights resident DJs will be playing, giving you musical retrospective and futuristic glance at the abundant history and future of Goth and synth. It almost lies in the nature of Goth not to die, as a musical vampire! A fitting quote from The Gothband who more or less started the whole ting: Undead, undead, undead. We will celebrate the music, the aesthetics, and the club that we love the most a toast in blood-red wine for Oslos most enduring and persistent club. The one and only: Gotham Nights!

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