Time: 30.06.2007
John Dee

Dark Side of the 80s:
with Gothams regular DJs
and guests

C.C. 30 NOK, 18 year age limit
Doors open at 21:00.

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An entire evening dedicated to the alternative side of the 80s: Goth rock, post punk, industrial, new wave, synthpop, new romantic and more...
At this night you will be able to reminisce to classic hits and delve into more or less unfamiliar treasures of this underestimated decade that we all have come to both love and hate.

This will also be an opportunity to say goodby to John Dee as we will
move to a different venue in the autumn.

DJs for the evening:
Baetylos (Gotham Nights)
Christer "Badass" (In Vein)
Larsebass (Ex-Industrial Heads)
KrazyCat (Ex-Gotham Nights and Magicka)
Elektronika (Hello Titty and Synthetisk@RadiOrakel)

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