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Playlists 2009

Here you will find playlists from our past events with the music that our regular DJs and guest DJs have played. The playlists are ordered by event date.
Type O Negative

Farewell Peter Steele - 28. May

Playlists from our tribute night to Peter Steele of Type O Negative.
DJs Soulmachine and Baetylos served highlights of Type O Negative in addition to the usual goth rock, new wave, post-punk, deathrock, horrorpunk, industrial, electropunk, darkwave etc...

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Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space

Part CXLVII - 27. November

Playlists from our clubnight Friday 27th November 2009 with guest DJ Kimmy:9.

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Gene Loves Jezebel

Dark Side of the 80s vol. 3 - 26. June

Playlists from our annual 80s summerparty.
Our regular DJs served reknown, forgotten and unknown musical gems from the alternative side of the 80s.

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