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Part CLV - 24.09.2010

Playlists from our clubnight Friday 24th September 2010.
Gotham Nights' DJs Zonetripper and Baetylos served a schizoprehnic set of musical decadence.







DJ Baetylos - Set 1:
PIL - The order of death
The Cure - A forest
Laudanum - Wonder
Behind the Scenes - Close to you
The Sisters of Mercy - Dominion/Mother Russia
Moonspell - Nocturna
Theatre of Tragedy - Musique
Automelodi - Buanderie jazz
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Spellbound
Babel 17 - Come into hell & murder love
Malochia - Dreamplanet
New Order - Crystal
Killers - Somebody told me
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Young adult friction

DJ Baetylos - Set 2:
The Mission - Wasteland
Fields of the Nephilim - Trees come down '88
The Cult - Spiritwalker
Killing Joke - Love like blood
Skeletal Family - Promised land
Cinema Strange - Greensward grey
Miguel and the Living Dead - Graveyard love song
Calabrese - Midnight spookshow
The 69 Eyes - Call me
Theatre of Tragedy - Samantha
Seraphim Shock - After dark (Devil's trip mix)
London After Midnight - Kiss
The Sisters of Mercy - Temple of Love
Penis Flytrap - Cemetary girl

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