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1   Link   Café Grössenwahn
Norway's first club concept dedicated to the neofolk and post-industrial genres (martial, dark ambient and so on). The project has been named Café Grössenwahn and means "Café Megalomania" and is an homage to the three different nightspots in the 1920s and 30s in, respectively, Munich, Vienna and Berlin, that bore this nickname. At Café Grössenwahn the dreamers and eccentrics of that time gathered, as we hope they will in Oslo in our time.
2   Link   Cyberdyne
Cyberdyne, in Oslo Norway, was established in 2006 as Norway's first official underground club to combine a massive selection of electronic music genres, including EBM, aggrotech, industrial, futurepop and psy.trance, into one hard hitting package!
3   Link   Dark City
Dark City (located in Trondheim, Norway) shall be a non-commercial and alternative meeting-place with focus on the many creative aspects of sub-culture. Alternative music will be played and thematic nights will be held, open for all. Dark City also has ambitions to be an alternative venue for showing video-art, performance, in addition to alternative bands / artists. The main goal is to create an alternative environment for those who miss a place to meet similarly minded people and listen to good music.
4   Link   The Hellfire Club
Club based in Trondheim, Norway. Their defined goal is to achive world domination within the next decade, and the means also agreed upon: To generally raise hell, make great parties, and to make everybody dance and scream in ecstasy. All while listening to the music we love the most: Industrial, goth-rock, synth, EBM, neofolk and electro.
5   Link   Shadowlove
Alternative club night in Oslo, Norway, presenting industrial, new wave, rock, punk, new romantic, metal, synth pop, ebm, gothic, pop, ambient, neo-folk etc.
Shadowland, the record store behind this club concept, has been Oslo's only specialist store for this type of music since it's opening in 1996.

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