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1   Link   Bodymap
Bodymap is an alternative clothing store at Arkaden mall in Oslo. They have sold clothes and band merchandise to the subcultures in Norway for nearly twenty years, and today has become a meeting place for anyone with an alternative style, as it will continue to be in future.
2   Link   Manillusion
Manillusion - the store with the great ♥! Corset Experts and best in alternative clothing and accessories in the styles: corsets, goth, rock, retro, burlesque, fetish fashion, steam punk, glam.
3   Link   Naughty Shadows
Norway's coolest and best alternative shop and online store. Sexy, kinky and alternative. We carry kick-ass fashion for the alternative people, and carry clothes in styles like goth, punk, fetish, burlesque, lolita, metal, pin-ups and rockabilly.
4   Link   Outland
Outland is a series of norwegian specialist stores focusing on comics, roleplaying games, books, boardgames, cardgames and DVDs.

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