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A brief history


Gotham Nights was conceived in February 1995, by the help of Stefan Rosell and Atle Boysen. They were both missing a place where they could go out and listen to their favorite music, namely Gothic Rock (TM). They realized that the only way to get their wishes fulfilled was to create a club on their own, and so they did. Thus Gotham Nights was born. The "baptizing" was held on the 16th of February 1995, and was suitably called The Awakening. It was meant as a one time thing, but all the positive feedback they got from the substantial crowd that attended, made them reconsider. They decided to try to have an event once a month, and so it came to be, and still is, so many years later.

Even though Gotham Nights' regularity has been impeccable, the club have had the need to change venue over the years. Examples of previous venues are Tutankhamon, So What!, Mars, Curb, and Schous Kjelleren. Current "home base" is John Dee. One reason for this independence to any particular venue is the need to be flexible to have events where they are best suited.

In the start Gotham Nights was mainly meant to be a "disco" for goths, but it soon became apparent that there also was a need for live shows. Gotham Nights has therefore become a stage for a number of bands, especially local up-and-coming alternative bands.

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